The 25th Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge

— Good Friday 2020—

The Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge is an annual procession held on Good Friday, emulating Christ’s walk to Calvary. Sponsored by the Movement of Communion and Liberation, the Way of the Cross publicly commemorates five stations of the Passion of Jesus Christ, beginning at St. James Cathedral-Basilica in Downtown Brooklyn, moving across the Brooklyn Bridge, stopping at City Hall and Ground Zero, and concluding at St. Peter’s Church in Lower Manhattan. At each station readings from scripture will be offered, along with hymns, reflections, and meditations.

BEGINS AT 10:00AM, April 10th, 2020
St. James Cathedral-Basilica
250 Cathedral Place (corner of Jay & Tillary Sts.)
Borough Hall 2, 3, 4, 5
Jay Street – Metro Tech A, C, F, R

St. Peter’s Church
22 Barclay Street, Lower Manhattan

We suggest that all participants complete the devotion in silence in order to fully contemplate the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the new life He generates within us. All are welcome.

To learn more about the movement of Communion and Liberation, from which this gesture emanates, please visit us.

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